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Director's Welcome

After 5 years of running a successful club in London  -Sponte Sua Gym -, the directors Val and Rudy Hoppichler decided to open a new club in the South region -Sponte Sua Gymnastics Academy - to expand the quality training in General, Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics.

The success of the clubs is based on the quality and level of the training.

Starting from recreational level classes, the clubs aim to achieve a higher

standard and progression with personal assessment.

The children can train for fun or for competitions starting at club and Regional level.

This training offers the possibility of optimal improvement of the skills in a joyful environment. 

Our Coaches

The good quality of our training is guaranteed by professional and high qualified  coaches. 

All activities are supervised by coaches members of British Gymnastics.

Most of our coaches have an international working experience, have a BPE degree (Sports Science) and speak other foreign languages, opening the

communication with our international little gymnasts. 


Our staff is DBS/CRB checked and follow the safeguarding standards in the UK. 

The club encourages the coaches to continued training as we understand that

the basis of a successfull class is the quality, level and experience of the coach.


Women Artistic and General Gymnastics:  


Val Hoppichler

      Degrees: BPE & Sports Science and British Gymnastics levels:  WAG Level 4. Club

       Judge in GFA.

Rudy Hoppichler

      Degrees:  Sports Degree and British Gymnastics levels:  MAG level 2 and WAG            Level 2.

Rachel Gallagher

      Degrees:  WAG Level 1.


Men Artistic and General Gymnastics:   


Rudy Hoppichler.  

     Degrees:  Sports Degree and British Gymnastics levels:  MAG level 2 and WAG Level 2.

Rhythmic Gymnastics:


Val Hoppichler

      Degrees:  BPE and British Gymnastics Rhythmic coach level 3.

Veselina Panayotova

      Degrees:  BA and British Gymnastics Rhythmic coach level 1

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