We are preparing our return to gymnastic taking all the necessary steps to keep our gymnasts, parents, coaches and staff the 

safety possible. Find attached the British Gymnastics information and guidance for gymnasts and parents. You can also visit British Gymnastics to read the full Step Forward Plan (how to keep training while social distancing).

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General Information


Last Edited  September 2020

New protocol to attend our classes. We ask all our clients (member and parents/guardians) to adhere to this actions.


a) We will Take the temperature of gymnasts and parents/guardian prior to entry to the venue (a temperature of above 37.9 degrees is a high temperature). Anyone displaying any symptoms or a temperature of 37.9 or higher will not be able to enter the sport hall. If this occurs the child will be able to recover the missed class in the future.


b) Face masks:  Both British Gymnastics and the government do not recommend the use of masks/face coverings during sports activities. All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician. 

Gymnasts can wear masks during the times between the apparatus rotation, between time in apparatus, if they so wish, but masks should not be worn whilst on equipment or performing any form of gymnastics elements, including warm ups/cool downs.


c) Only one adult (guardian or parent) per house hold is permitted when arriving and leaving the class. It will help to keep social distancing at the start and the end of the lessons and prevent crowd.

Parents are advised not to gather 


d) Arrive on time. Some venues will not permit the parents to go inside the premises. A head coach will be waiting outside before the starting time. We recommend to arrive 5 minutes earlier. Registers will be carried out only by the head coach. Parents will not need to fill the sign in/out.

e) Changing rooms out of use: It is not allowed to use the changing roomsAttendees are advised to arrive already dressed with the gymnastics uniform. Only toilets are permitted to be used.


f) Hand sanitiser: We will have marked a station for hand sanitising. Each child must wash their hands/use hand sanitiser before entering the sport hall. During the lessons the participants will also have to use hand sanitiser when rotating apparatus.


g) Bubbles: Each participant will be allocated in the same group during each session. Siblings will train in the same group whenever possible.


h) End of lessons. The lessons will finish 5 minutes earlier or start 5 minutes later to maintain social distancing.


i) No assisting/holding is permitted. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times and no contact is permitted between coaches and gymnasts, or gymnasts and gymnasts until the relevant government removes/reviews social distancing.  

    However in an extreme situation our coaches will prioritise the safety of our gymnasts above social distancing, so we will hold/assist/support our gymnasts in case they do a skill incorrectly and lose their balance or fall badly. The coaches will hold, support or assist the gymnasts in order to prevent an injury as far as they can. 

j) All attendance and guardians will be asked to follow the one way system from each venue. Parents can not stay in the School's car parks waiting for their children during the lesson.


k) Rhythmic apparatus: Each gymnast should have their own rhythmic apparatus. No sharing is permitted (except by siblings).


l) Uniform: From September 2020 and until further notice, uniform purchased from SSG-SSL (leotard, shorts, tracksuits, T-shirt) will not be able to have a refund or exchange in size. A full description of sizes and measurements is display on our Uniforms Page. Please check the size carefully before placing an order.

m) As well as each venue/school, our staff will Enhanced cleaning protocols
of surfaces and contact point and apparatus at the beginning and end of each day. 


n) Attendees should bring their own water bottles. No sharing of  water bottles is permitted.  People drinking should be seated and keep social distancing. Attendees take their bottles away with them at the end of each session.

Attendees should bring only necessary items and leave it in a bag during the lesson.


o) If a child develops symptoms of Covid-19 while in attendance, they will need to be collected from the class immediately. Test & Trace to be notified. Whole bubble and tutor/coach may be required to self- isolate for 14 days.


p) Find further information below

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Return To Gymnastics - Gymnasts Guide

For any other enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Information -  Club 's policy

We are following all information regarding the Coronavirus daily.


In line with the latest guidance from Public Health England, we are currently unable to accept members /family /visitors /coaches-tutors in our venues, who have travelled to or been in direct contact with anyone who has travelled to a ‘category 1’ coronavirus area in the past 14 days. 


On another side, Considering the gravity of the coronavirus situation, our club has decided to put in place the following policy:


> Sponte Sua Gym will not accept clients (children, adults, family members, guardians) and staff/coaches in the venues with symptoms of the Covid-19, such as caught, fever and flu like symptoms. If this is the case, please contact us and your child will be able to recover the missed classes after returning to the regular training.


> We recommend all children and adults attending the lessons to wash their hands before entering the sport hall. Ideally they can bring their own hand sanitiser / anti viral hand gel.


> Coronavirus Disclousure Form: Please remember that everyone attending to the venues need to fill the diclousure form in advance. (Any extended family member -children or adult- such as grandparents, cousins, uncles and friends, guardians).


In the best interests of all our members and in order not to affect any others we urge you to adhere to this policy.


From our part we are taking precautions disinfecting the apparatus, mats, etc. each lesson and during the lessons when bubble groups has to swap apparatus.


We also ask the children to wash their hands regularly if attending more than one hour or if they go to the toilets.


We would appreciate your collaboration to keep us informed of any change of circumstances within your family.


See below website with important iformation about the latest guidance.

British Gymnastics: Return safe to gymnastics


UK Gov - Affected Areas


Total UK cases COVID-19 Cases Update


UK Gov Information about Coronavirus