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Eggar's School

London Rd, Alton

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News and Events

Club Annual Gala 

22nd June 2019


Gymnastics Pictogram

To enter this competition see the terms and conditions below:


> Price: A club's leotard (boys or girls)


> Deadline: We will receive the arts until 1st June 2019.

                (Each child can give the art to his/her coach).


> Who can enter: 

   Every current gymnast at Sponte Sua Gym and Sponte    Sua Gymnastics Academy. 

   We will have 2 categories (2 prices): 

               Under 7 & Under 18 y/o.


> What should I send: 

   Your pictogram in a White Art Card A4 Paper.                  (No adults must be involved in the drawing -no                computer images or designs are allowed).

    Signature: The artist/gymnast can draw the signature at the                bottom right hand side (no bigger than 10cm long and 3cm high). 

     PLease Add:At the back of the picture the Gymnast's full            

     name and day/group class.


> When will be the winners announced?: 

   In our Annual Gala "Southern Moves Festival" on              Saturday 22nd June.

   (At the end of that night the winners can try and

      collect the leotard).


> Cost:This competition is free of charge. 


> For additional information please contact Sponte Sua      at:


> About the Arts:

   The Arts received will be exhibited during the Annual Gala.

   Entering this competition the artists give full rights to   

   use the arts to Sponte Sua Ltd. (In any Sponte Sua website,        social media platform such us facebook, instagram or any            other promotional way). 


FACEBOOK: Visit our facebook page to be inspired 

by the past Olympics pictograms.


                        SPONTE SUA PICTOGRAM