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A>  By signing the Medical and Enrolment Form, the parents/guardians/participants agreed with this Terms and Conditions of Sponte Sua Gymnastics Academy (SSGA) and SPONTE SUA LTD (SSL) and declare that the information provided on the form is accurate and up to date. Any changes will be notified to SSGA - SSL-  immediately.  

B> FEES:  The Parents or participants shall pay the Annual Membership and the Term Fee before the termly deadline in order to reserve the same class for the following term.  After the deadline the club's reserve the right to offer that place to a new client. If you pay after the deadline, we recommend to contact the office to check the new availability. All payments received once the term has started will incur an extra administration fee of £10.

               If  attending a trial class, the rest of the payment must be made 24 hours after the trial class to secure the place. 

The Trial class and annual membership are not refundable. The trial class can not be changed for another day. 

Annual Membership: The club's annual membership runs from September to the end of August of the following year. 

Each July, in order to book the classes for the Autumn term, the fees for the membership has to be made together with term fees to reserve the place.

C> Insurance: The gymnast must have the British Gymnastics membership up to date to attend the gymnastics classes at SSGA -SSL-.

D>  Consumers have the right to withdraw the Term Fee during the first 14 days from the date the transaction has been made. The fees can not be refunded, nor credited after the term/classes has been started.

E>  In case there is any missing class regarding a medical condition, call the office to see if it is possible to recover the missing class. If there is a place available to recover a missed class, a medical certificate will be required. For any other particular reason (Holidays, birthday parties, etc.) SSGA will not provide extra recovering classes.         

In the event that the class has to be canceled because of the schools, venues or any other reason, SSGA will provide at least 2 different sessions to recover the class. In this case no refund will be available.  If the class cannot be recovered from SSGA a credit for the next term will be provided.      

F> The Parents/Guardians/Participants/Coaches shall indemnify and keep indemnified Sponte Sua Gymnastics Academy - SSL- against all loss of liability, profit, cost and expenses, which SSGA may incur directly or indirectly as a consequence of any action or inaction of the Parent, Participant and/or Coaches, Assistants or Directors or any Staff.

G> SSGA has no responsibility in any expense, loss or damage incurred by a participant/coach/parent during  the class and/or in the premises. 

H> All parents/guardians/Adult participants/coaches must sign in and out every session.

I>  Agreeing to this Terms and Conditions you shall not during the training with SSGA-SSL- or after the termination  of the agreement, disclose to any other person or any other third party who may be involved in the same or similar  business as SSGA of the confidential matter or information relating to the club or persons at the club in any matter whatsoever.

J> SSGA will not accept any kind of rudeness or misbehaviour of any participant/parent/coach/ and the person involved will be require to leave the premises.  

K>   In case an incident has been occurred, the parent and/or coach can claim against SSGA -SSL- within 30 days of  the date of the incident has taken place. The claim has to be made in writing. If any claim is received after this period of time, SSGA -SSL- reserves the rights to negate such claim.



A> We recommend to attend a trial class on the same day and class that your child wants to commit during the term.

     The club office will only offer a trial class if a place is available to continue during the term.

B> The trial classes will be withing a regular class. Trial classes are not separated. 

C> All Trial classes -all ages- are drop off.

D> Gmnastics Classes trial class uniform: Girls t-shirt and leggings or a leotard if you already have. Boys T-shirt and shorts.

     Basketball Classes: with T-shirt, sports shorts and sport shoes.

     Jewellery: Same rules will be applied to the trial classes. Please see Participants obligartions.

E> Once the term has started no changes of classes in days or times can be made. In the case that the compamy has some places available and the company agrees to change the class day or time, an admin fee will be requested for this change.

F> The trial class fee has to be paid in advance prior to the trial class date and it is not refundable or exchangable. 

G> During the trial class the children will be assessed: the skills ejecution and technique, how well can interact and behave with the coaches and other children in the class, if understand the explanation of the coach, how fast can improve in the technique execution, if can attend the training without the parents or tutors inside the sport hall -mainly for children under 6 y/o-.

H> All trials and recreational classes are run for 1 hour.

I> After the trial class the places offered will be reserved for 48 hours. Please complete and transfer the rest of the term fees during this period to reserve your child permanent place.



A>  Children and participants shall not enter into the training area without a coach being present or to work into an apparatus without the coach supervision.


B> Participants shall be on time to the classes, ready to start. Late arrivals will not be accepting in the classes. 

C> Participants are not allowed to leave the premises without permission from the Head Coach or coaches for security reasons.

D> The participants/coaches have to notify to the Head Coach or Director of any particular situation of the  participant/coach that could affect the daily training. In case of suffering from any contagious disease the  child/participant must not attend the class.  


E> SSGA reserves the rights to exclude of the club any participant for a limited or indefinitely time, in case of breaking the rules of safety and/or wellbeing.  Racist behavior, physical or mental abuse, insults, rudeness, are prohibited  by any gymnast.

F>  No jewellery or accessories (including watches, necklace, rings, belts, bracelets, etc.) must be worn during the class.      


G> Participants should respect the club coaches, staff  and other gymnasts during the trainings.

When representing SSGA at competitions, galas/shows, festivals and any other official events must being professional and respectful at all times.


H>  Gymnasts Uniform: Girls: SSGA leotards, any leggings or shorts (optional has to be plain navy or black appropriated for Gymnastics), may wear gymnastics shoes. Head tied up.                                                                                                           Boys: SSGAleotards and shorts. May wear SSGA T-shirts, gymnastics shoes or bear feet.    

Sports Uniform: Girls and Boys: SSGA T-shirts and navy shorts. Trainers appropiated for each sport.


A> All parents shall provide a contactable phone number when the children are in the class.  

B> All children must be brought and picked up from the Sponte Sua Gymnastics Academy  reception area by their parents/guardian.  

C> The classes are drop off for all the groups.

D> The parents/guardians must arrive to the reception area to pick up their child/children before the class finishes.  

E> SSGA -SSL- is not responsable for the children in the changing rooms or premises before or after their regular classes. Before and after the classes and while on the premises, the children are under the responsibility of their parents/guardians.

F> SSGA -SSL- is not responsable for the children (out of their training sessions) who arrive and leave the training premises on their own. SSGA requires a previous writen authorisation from the parents/guardians allowing their children to arrive and leave SSGA on their own.

G> In case of more than 10 min. delay in the picked up, the parents will be charged for extra time:            Up to 30 min. delay: £10.  From 30 min to 1 hr. delay: £20. More than 1 hs delay: £30.        

H> Parents, guardians or friends are required to leave the training area once the class starts. The classes are a drop off  so we recommend the parent not to stay around the training area for a better and safety training of the children.  The children are not completely focused if they can see parents around the gym halls during the lessons.  

I> Parents must give support to their children and not put them under pressure about their improvement. Every child improves in a different way.

J> The parents must inform the club if the child will continue or not the following term, once the information of the new term has been sent, before the deadline which is stated in the new term information attachment.



A> Coaches shall be on time to the classes, ready to start and  must never leave the groups 

unattended at any time in the gymnastics facilities/halls.

B> Coaches need to teach according their BG level and support the gymnasts correctly according the skills and situations.

C> The coaches have to notify to the Head Coach or Director of any particular situation of the coach that could affect the daily training. In case of suffering from any contagious disease the  child/participant must not attend the class.        


D>  No jewellery or accessories (including watches, necklace, rings, belts, bracelets, etc.) must be worn during the class.  

E> Coaches Uniform: SSGA T-shirt, Polo and tracksuit pants. Long hair tied up. Trainers, gymnastics shoes.  

F> Coaches need to be at all time correctly dress, clean and tidy.

G> Coaches should know their training lesson plans in advance, before the classes start.



            For any other a​dditional informantion contact SSGA at



In order for SPONTE SUA GYM (SSG) - SPONTE SUA LTD. (SSL)  to comply with data protection regulations.

it is necessary to obtain your written consent to use your image or words for the purpose of promoting the club. You should only agree to SSG - SSL using your photograph, film or words if you feel completely happy to do so. You should not sign this consent form if you feel under any pressure or obligation to do so.


A> How we may use your photograph, film and words: 

SSG - SSL may use your photograph, film and words for the purposes of promotion, education and development of the club/sport e.g. to publicise events, in newspaper articles, magazines and other media such as websites, information leaflets, electronic newsletters and presentations. 


B> What if I change my mind?

Once an article or image is published and in circulation (e.g. newsletters, website images, etc.) it can be copied and used by others. However, you can contact SSG - SSL at any point and ask us not to use your image or words for any new purposes. We will comply with this request and will also do our best to stop others using your image or words, although we cannot guarantee this.  Please note that we will be unable to remove images that have already been used in publications or publicity material.


C> How long will the club retain my images?

If you do not withdraw your consent, we will retain any images for three years. After three years, images will be reviewed and will be deleted unless they are considered to be of historical importance to the club and are retained as part of the club's archive. 


D> Third Parties

Please note we do not share, sell or send pictures with/to third parties.


Click the Photo consent file to print and sign.



E> By entering a Sponte Sua Gym - Sponte Sua Ltd. event, there is an acceptance that the participants may be photographed and the photograph may be published in the club's website or marketing communication including social media (Blogs, facebook, Instagram, Newsletters). 

    The club do not post everything in social media but from time to time, SSG -SSL updates some pictures or videos.


F>Any person wishing to use video, film or take photographs may only be taken to your own child/children for personal use. You may not take photos for sale, other commercial use, or publications in printed or electronic form, such as websites. 


G> Flash may not be used while gymnasts are warming up or competing. 


H> Any concerns about any photographer or the suitability of any photos being taken should be reported to the Welfare Officer at the event.


I> Coaches must not take photos or videos, whilst event rounds are running. Coaches who are spectators are covered by the same rulings as parents/guardians. Coaches may not take photos for sale, other commercial use, or publications in printed or electronic form, such as websites nor social media. 

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1> Event Personnel

Organiser:Club's Directors. Val and Rudolf Hoppichler.

Welfare Officer:Mrs Juliet Rees.

First aid:  There will be a first aider present during the event. The first aider may be contacted through the Welfare Officer. If required, ice packs will be available from the Ticket Desk.


2> Participants: Must have current BG membership. Must have the SSG Club's term fee and membership up to date.


3> Supervising coaches: Must have a current paid Gold BG membership. Coaches must be coaching within their coaching qualification and be supervised by a Level 2 coach.


4> Assisting coaches: Must have current silver BG membership, DBS, SPCA & minimum level 1 qualification. Level 1 assisting

Coaches must be coaching within their coaching qualification and be supervised by a Level 2 coach.


5> SSG - SSL Photo Policy: Please read above about the Photography and film policy at events.

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